Email Opt-in and lead generation.

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Grow your audience by increasing the number of subscribers to your email list with BLOOM.

Bloom gives you all the tools you need to turn your website visitors into subscribers, then into customers. With Bloom, you will have access to the best possible features to increase the number of visitors of your Dr Tech store who subscribe to your newsletter.

Show the right content to the right people
Bloom allows you to display unique forms with unique offers based on the behavior of visitors to your Dr Tech store. So you can show them the right offer or the right form at the right time.

Beautiful design and 100% customizable
We’ve created over 100 ready-to-use form templates, each of which can be fully customized using Bloom’s extensive design settings.


5 types of opt in available

Pop-up with automatic activation
Bloom allows you to create pop-ups that can be triggered automatically, for example when a user lands on a page, or reaches the bottom of a page, or even after purchasing.

Opt-in fly-ins
Similar to pop-ups, fly-ins are another great way to grab the attention of your visitors. As with pop-ups, they can be triggered by user interaction.

Registration Forms
You can create a registration form anywhere on your Dr Tech store.

Registration forms at the bottom of the page
Bloom allows you to automatically place a registration form under the content of all your pages. Thus grabbing the attention of your readers without disrupting their reading experience.

Sign up to unlock content
Asking your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter in order to access premium content is a great way to increase your subscriber list. With this type of opt in, your visitor does not have access to the content if they do not subscribe.


6 automatic triggers

With Bloom, you will be able to display your forms based on a specific user interaction. The triggers below allow you to personalize the experience of your visitors on your site, and thus increase your conversion rate.

Customizable delay
Choose a delay before your pop-ups are triggered.

Let Bloom automatically detect when your readers reach the bottom of a page and show them the sign-up form.

After scrolling
Use this trigger to show your opt-in forms only after visitors have scrolled a set percentage of your page.

After commenting
Showing your signup form to readers after they have commented on one of your posts is a great way to target visitors who are engaged with your content.

After purchase
Allow your customers to receive updates on future products or promotions, for example, by displaying a sign-up form right after their purchase.

After inactivity
If a user is inactive on your store for a period of time, Bloom can trigger a sign-up form to display to get their attention again.


19 integrations available

And also …


Customizable templates
Start from one of our 100 pre-built templates, customize them if you want, or start from 0 and create the design you want!

100% Responsive and optimized for mobile
Your registration forms should be readable and accessible from all devices, so your visitors can register regardless of how they view your site: on computer, phone or tablet.

Increase your conversions with A / B testing
A / B testing allows you to compare the performance of multiple variations of the same signup form to help you determine which is more effective. These different variants will be presented to different visitors and their conversion rates will be compared to each other so that you can see which variant performs better.

Conversion statistics
It’s impossible to refine and improve your marketing without knowing where and how your forms convert best. That’s why we’ve created a robust statistics dashboard to give you real-time insight into the performance of your forms.

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