Photo Reviews

Send automatic customer review request emails, let your customers add photos to their reviews, and send thank you emails with a discount coupon.

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With this application, you will be able to:

  • Automatically send an email after an order asking your customers to rate the products they’ve purchased.
  • Allow your customers who post a review to include photos.
  • (optionnal) Send a thank you email with a promo code when a customer review is posted.


The Photo Reviews app allows your customers to post their reviews of your products including a photo. This feature will help you create strong social proof for your products and therefore increase your conversion rate.

  • Verified badge: Display the verified purchase badge on reviews of customers who have purchased the product.
  • Add reviews manually: Photos Reviews allows you to add a review manually.
  • Maximum image size: Set a maximum image size that customers can attach to their review.
  • Maximum amount of images: Set a maximum amount of images that can be attached to a review.
  • Photos Required: Reviews must include a photo to upload.
  • Filter Reviews: View reviews by rating or only show reviews that contain images.
  • GDPR Compliance: This app will display a message and a checkbox in the add review form that allows customers to agree to share the review on your store.
  • Hide author’s name of the review: the name of the author of the review can be displayed as N *.
  • Edit Reviews: You can edit reviews manually.


The app lets you import reviews from an AliExpress product to a product in your Dr Tech store with one click.

  • Import only certain reviews: choose which reviews will be imported. All reviews, only 5 stars, only 4 stars, only 3 stars, only 2 stars or only 1 star.
  • Included images: select this option to import only reviews that contain images
  • Translate to English: AliExpress has a function to translate reviews into English. This option lets you choose to import reviews translated into English or import reviews in their original version.
  • Mark the Imported Review as Verified Customer: Imported reviews will be marked with a “Verified Review” badge, which means that the reviews are from people who have purchased.
  • Country: Select a country to import reviews only from that selected country.
  • Number of reviews: select a number of reviews that will be imported.


The app can automatically email your customers asking them to post a review on the products they’ve purchased, and you can set how long to wait after ordering before sending the email. In addition, to entice your customers to post photos of the product and leave a review, the app can automatically send a promotional code in exchange!

  • Automatic sign-in: When customers click the link in their exam reminder email, they’ll automatically sign in to their account on your site.
  • Product Restriction: Only send these recalls for certain products.
  • Schedule: Select when the app will send reminder emails to customers.
  • Configure reminder email: Configure the reminder email to include what you want.

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