Product Add On

Offer additional options or let your customers customize your products on their own. You can even accept donations!

Included in all Dr Tech store for free

From adding a personalized message to upgrading to a higher quality fabric, with Product Add On you will be able to offer your customers additional customization options for your products, with the ability to assign a price to these options.

No more email follow-up requests – customers get what they want straight away.

You can add options via

  • A text box
  • A drop-down list
  • A checkbox
  • Image examples
  • And even ask for a personalized price

You can add these options globally for all your products, or for specific products.


Additional features included


Fixed costs
Charge customers a flat “set up fee”, regardless of the number of products they have ordered. Perfect for one-time installation costs or urgent charges.

Percentage Fee
Charge a fee for the add-on option based on a percentage of the total price. This is especially useful for services.

Text add-on
Let your customers enter their own text to create a personalized t-shirt, add a monogram or personalize a card for example.

Scrolling menu
The customer can choose between a few predefined options via a drop-down menu.

Make personalization as easy as checking a box. Ideal for options like gift wrapping or express shipping.

Custom price
Let your customers quote their price, perfect for tips or donations!

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