WOOCS Multi Devises

This application allows you to add as many currencies as you want to your store, and show your prices in the local currency of your visitors.

Included in all Dr Tech store for free

The WOOCS application allows visitors to your Dr Tech store to change currency, and display the price of your products in their currency. You can also collect payments in the selected currency if you wish (optional).


Features included


Add a currency selector anywhere on your store.
and so let your visitors easily change currency.

3 designs available
The currency selector can be represented in 3 different ways: drop-down list, flags, and side selector. For each currency, it is possible to define a custom flag.

Payment in local currency
You can charge your customers in their currency.

Exchange rate
You can set the exchange rate automatically and manually! Optionally, you can also be notified of rate changes by email.

Price display format
You can define the price display format that corresponds to your needs: number of decimal places, usual currency sign or personalized sign, position of the currency sign (4 variants), hide or display the cents … and you can do that for each currency. You can also set a number of decimal places after the decimal point, so even BTC is not a problem for this app.

Private currency
You have the option of defining currencies as public or private. In private mode, the currency is not available in the selectors.

Individual GeoIP rules for each product
Allows you to set different prices in different countries (and display them in different currencies)!

Fixed price per product
feature that allows you to set a fixed price for each currency for a specific product. In this case, the price of the product will not be calculated automatically via the conversion rate.

Automatic detection of visitors’ local currency
Allows you to display the currency on your store automatically depending on where your visitor live, during their first visit. Thus the currency displayed is automatically the one of the visitor’s country. And if you activate the option “Payment by GeoIP rules”, your customers will always buy in their local currency!

Minimum amount for FREE delivery for each currency
Allows to define the minimum amount to offer FREE delivery for each currency

Coupons : define a reduction amount for each currency
You can set different amounts for your discount code for each currency. Otherwise, the system will calculate the discount amounts based on the exchange rate you set.

Orders are kept in the currency of the transaction
Each order on your store is kept in the currency in which the customer paid.

Price information icon
Display an info icon next to the price of products which, when your visitor hovers the mouse over it, displays the price of the product in all other currencies

Memory of selected currencies
When your visitor returns to your store, the currency they have chosen previously will be automatically selected.

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