Domain and email

This article will show you how to connect a domain to your Dr Tech store. 

We will see how to replace the default Dr Tech URL you started with : 

By your domain.

Moreover, you will be able to create up to 5 profesional email adresses, for free, they are included in your Dr Tech membership 🙂

With these adresses, you will be able to receive and send emails with your own domain name.

Please note: if you already own your domain name and you bought it with IONOS, we won’t be able to create email adresses for you. You will need to transfer your domain to another provider first. Contact us for more details.

Once we bought your domain, or connected your domain, or created the email adresses, you will receive a confirmation email, usually between 1 and 2 working days.

While we work on this for you, you can still use your Dr Tech store.

Dr Tech buys your domain!


One domain name is included into your Dr Tech plan, so if you did not enjoy this offer yet, then we can buy your domain name for you 🙂

First of all, please make sure the domain you want is available by checking here :

Then, once you found what you want, just fulfill the form below.

Once the form is submmited, it’s impossible to change it, so be sure not to make any mistake!

In case you made a mistake and we did not buy the domaun for you yet, please contact us ASAP at [email protected]!

Buy a domain

Do you also want email addresses now ? You can always do it later, anytime

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Connect your domain name to your Dr Tech store


Before anything : Is your domain already connected to a store ?

If your domain name is already connected to a store, and this store is live (i.e have traffic), connecting your domain to your Dr Tech store will put your store offline for 1-2 business days while we do the connection, then the traffic will arrive on your Dr tech store.

If you need to minimize this downtime, please contact us. We can do the transfer with you and reduce the downtime to a few minutes.


In any other cases, let’s connect your domain now!


Even if it’s easy to do it yoursel, it remains a technical modification of your domain. As we don’t have access to your registrar account (the company where you bought the domain), we unfortunately can not do it for you. But if you need any help, feel free to contact your registrar support, they can do that for you.


First of all, log in to your registrar account, then go in the DNS settings of your domain.

Then, add the 2 following A record:


Type : A

Host : @

Value :


Type : CNAME

Host : www

Value : your domain name

Make sure you have no other A or AAA record. If you do have, please delete them.

Et voilà !

Please fill in the form below and you will get a confirmation from us in 1-2 business days!

Connect a domain name

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Create new professional email adresses.


If you don’t have your 5 email adresses yet, we can create new one for you any time 🙂

Please note that if you bought your domain with IONOS, we won’t be able to create email adress for you. In this case, you need first to transfer your domain to an other company. Feel free to contact us for more details.

If we bought the domain for you, then you can skip this step and directly go to the form below.

In any other cases, first of all you need to log in your registrar account (the company where you bought your domain name) and go in the DNS settings of your domain. 

Then add the 2 following MX records:


Type : MX

Host : @

Value :

Priority : 10


Type : MX

Host : @

Value :

Priority : 10


Make sure you don’t have any other MX records. If you do, please delete them.

Et voilà !

Just fulfill the form below and we will get back to you in 1-2 business days 🙂


New email adresses

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