Native IOS and Android App, by Dr Tech

The app your business needs.

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Stable and very fast

We use the latest technologies for a modern, elegant and very fast result.

Custom App

We created the foundations, now you can customize it: texts, photos, colors …

"in app" Payement

Accept payments directly from your app

Push Notification

Alert your users with news, promotions …

E-commerce App

Linked to your e-commerce Store

Compatible with Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify and Open Cart, your app will be connected to your online store to fetch data automatically, making management very easy.


Blog/news App

Synchronized with any wordpress Website  

Convert your website into a native application. Your articles are retrieved from your site and displayed in your users application, automatically.

And also … 


Marketplace app

E-commerce native app with marketplace possibility : integration with WooCommerce, Dokan & WCFM plugin.

Listing App

Get an app like AirBNB or TripAdvisor

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Synchronized with your website

Our app fetch data from WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify or Open Cart.

Multi languages

You can add new languages. Also supports right-to-left languages.

Real time update

Your app is synchronized with your website, so anything added to your website will appear on your app.


You can add multiple color themes, as well as a dark mode.

Multiple Payement gateway available

Handle 99.9% of the available payment gateway.



Instant Chat

Connect any messaging service, like Messenger or WhatsApp.

Push Notification

Easy to send via Firebase, results tracking with Google Analytics.

Native share

The contents can be shared natively.

Connect with Facebook or SMS

In addition to the options available on your website, your users will be able to register / log in via Facebook and / or SMS.

Product Variation

Informations about product variations, such as photos or descriptions, are displayed dynamically.

Instant Research

Searching for something in the app is extremely easy thanks to a search history and keyword research.

Offline access

No internet, no problem. The application will keep working and the data will be synchronized as soon as an internet connection is active.


Display ads in your app


Save products or articles that are important to you and find them easily.


Display a map to help your users locate what they are looking for.

In App Bookings

Book directly from the app.