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Dr Tech AI can now support up to 16,000 tokens (approximately 12,000 words).

by | 20 Jun, 2023 | Artificial Intelligence

Hello everyone,

We have just updated Dr Tech AI to include the latest model from OpenAI, which can handle up to 16,000 tokens, approximately 12,000 words in English! That’s about 20 pages of text, minimum. Before this update, the maximum number of tokens was 4,000, so we can now process texts four times longer.

The token is the unit of measurement for artificial intelligence, which is not counting in words but in tokens, and a token is a part of a word. The total number of tokens includes the number of tokens in your question + the number of tokens in the AI’s response. You can find the details on Dr Tech AI.

What does this mean for you?

Basically, 2 things:

  • You can provide more information to the AI (we call it the context).
  • You can get (much) longer texts.

The 16,000 tokens include your questions as well as the AI’s responses, so you can also mix the two: provide more context and generate longer texts.

For example, you can provide 4,000 tokens of questions and contexts, and ask it to write an article of 2,000 words (approximately 2,500 in English), which will total about 6,000 tokens.

Providing more context

The more information the AI has about what you want to do, the more precise, detailed, and effective its responses will be. This is what we call context. And with such a capacity for context, you can provide a lot of information that the AI can take into account to write your content, analyze your context, summarize your context – you can ask it to do whatever you want.

Getting longer texts

Even though the 4,000 token limit already allowed for very long texts, with 16,000 tokens you can almost write an entire book! With this greatly increased writing capacity, the AI can create much more coherent long texts than before.

Translation and text correction

You can now translate or correct very long texts on Dr Tech AI. Since the 12,000 words include the message you send + the response, you can correct or translate a text of about 5,500 words at once.

Extended discussion on Dr Tech Chat

Dr Tech Chat also benefits from this increase in the number of tokens, so you can have a much longer discussion with the AI. This will allow you to ask more questions, further refine the AI’s responses, improve the generated texts. As the AI can take into account more questions/answers, and therefore have more contexts, it will be able to go further to help you.

All the tools of Dr Tech AI have been updated to use this new model, and you can start using them now!
Enjoy 🙂

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