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Be creative

Whether you want to modify one of the 200+ available themes or create your own theme, you have the total freedom to do everything you want with our powerful Visual Builder. Best of all, you don’t need any coding skills.

If you prefer to use one of the available themes, with no customization, click here

Create and edit your pages

Start with one of the 1500+ available templates

With the visual builder, you can easily start from a template and customize it.

Start from scratch

And create your own theme. 

Duplicate your pages

You can duplicate your pages in 1 click to win time while your create your store.

Create your store visually

You can edit your pages directly on your pages. This way, what you see is what you get, and it’s very easy to create exactly what you want.

Ready-to-use modules

Our Visual Builder includes more than 50 modules that are ready to use. You only need to add them to your pages. The Visual Builder ensures you have a module for everything. Add text, add images, include buttons, testimonials, customer reviews, display your products, display your blog articles, add a contact form …. and much, much more.

Easily add your own content in the modules

For each of the modules you can add your personal content to your web pages with just a few clicks. It’s so easy! You’ll be able to see in real-time what the end result will be. Seeing is believing!

Dozens of customizable options avaliable for each module

 Each module comes with dozens of customizable options, allowing you to customize everything – literally everything, and create anything you want.

Organize your page the way you want

You only have to drang & drop the modules onto your pages. It’s that easy.

Set up specific settings for each screen size

Every theme we have available is 100% responsive. So, they will adapt perfectly to every screen size.

But as you modify your Dr Tech theme or create your own one, you may need take steps to ensure that your design fits perfectly on every type of screen. You will be able to set up different settings for each screen in our Visual Builder. It allows you to easily fit your content to cater for every visitor, and ensure your store is always 100% responsive.

Create magnificent designs


Add a “wow” effect to your store by adding a few animations to your pages. Make your images appear with style, or enable various elements to move as users scroll through your pages. There are so many great options that are ready to use.


Add awesome dividers between various elements and make your pages look really professionals.

Header & Footer

You can customize your header and footer too. We have ready-to-use templates that you can use. Otherwise, your can create your own.

Sticky elements

Create element that will keep a fixed position on your users’ screens. For example, you can add a sticky “Add to cart” button at the bottom of the screen for mobile devices, so that your visitors can buy your products easily, quickly and with very little effort!

Smart design

Save your design

You have a full Dr Tech library avaliable for your use. In this library, you can save the element you have created to reuse later on, on another page, or even in another store.

Export and import pages

 You can download your pages and also import pages. This is perfect for launching another store quickly, for saving your creations, using a specific template, or for sharing a special design with a friend or client!

Create “global” element

When you create something with the our Visual Builder, and you want to use the same element on several pages, you have an option to make this element “global”. This way, it will be the exact same element shared across all your pages. So, if you modify it at one location, it will modify it everywhere instantly, saving you a lot of time you might otherwise spend updating your website.

Create dynamic page templates

With Dr Tech, you can create a page template and assign it to a certain category of pages. Then, this template will be used automatically with every page in this category, adapting the content automatically, according your chosen set up.

Cancel and go back easily

You made a mistake ? No worries. We save what you are doing all the time so that you can backtrack easily, without losing anything.

You still think you will be limited ?


No limit. Add your own code

Even if are a lot of options avaliable, we know your creativity and your imagination can get a little crazy. That’s why, if you are among the 1% who are likely to need a little extra customization options,, you have the ability to add your own lines of code and become completely limitless. It’s a secret we’ll never share!

With Dr Tech you will never walk alone


Support 7 days a week

You have a question? Contact us here via the chat box at the bottom right-hand side of your screen, or on Facebook. We are ready and willing to help!



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