Manage your online sales easily with the Dr Tech dashboard

Your online activity

Main data at a glance

The home page of your dashboard displays important data about your business, such as your revenue or the number of orders you have received. You can customize this data to display what you want.

Manage and fulfill orders

Your dashboard displays all the details of your orders, allowing you to track them, and send the products to your customers. Several types of orders are available for easy management.

    Manual command addition

    It is possible to add orders manually if you need to.


    Synchronize your store with an external provider to automate your management and shipping processes.

    Manage your subscriptions

    Access current subscriptions on your store. You can see the renewal date, the frequency of the billing and you have the option to cancel them at any time. You can also choose to charge all customers on the same day, regardless of the day your customer initially subscribed. This is handy if you need to plan the number of orders to prepare at any one time!

    Create coupons

    You can create as many discount codes as you want. For each code, you can define a whole bunch of options. Whether it’s:

    • a % discount or a fixed amount
    • a start and an end date
    • a minimum amount to spend to get the promotion
      … and much more

    Add apps

    Your Dr Tech store is full of features  that are included FREE! You can choose to activate the one you want through your dashboard.


    Learn more about the available apps

    Manage your customers

    Your dashboard will give you a list of all your customers, and give you information about each of them such as:  

    • the date of their first order
    • the date of their last order
    • the total amount spent at your store
    • the average value of their orders

    This is a brilliant way to easily find out who your best customers are!

    Automatic management of your stock

    Fill in the stock you have and then follow the evolution of your stock in real time. You can even set a minimum threshold below which your customers will no longer be able to buy. You don’t serve to lose out!

    Automatic VAT calculation

    Your store automatically calculates the VAT collected through your orders.


    Date range

    Your dashboard automatically calculates and displays all the statistics for your activity over the date range you choose.

    In-depth data

    Your store gives you all the statistics about your products sold, revenue generated, orders received, products with the most sales, numbers of people who used your promo codes, the total amount of VAT and shipping fees, downloads (if you sell downloadable products), your inventory status, and the total amount of orders refunded.


    You can view these statistics in different ways and even compare two different date ranges.

    Know your visitors

      Google Analytics

      Thanks to our integration with Google Analytics, you will get a lot of very useful information about your visitors. This includes the number of visits you you have had over a specified date range, the origin of these visits (Google search or social media, for example), the time spent on your store by your visitors, even the device they used. A lot of data is available.

      Conversion rate

      You will also be able to follow the conversion rates of your store, including the:

      • Number of people who added products to their cart
      • Number of people who went to the payment page
      • Number of people who ordered.

      Start now With Dr Tech

      If you already have an online store, you can migrate to Dr Tech in just a few clicks