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Domain Name

Use the domain name you want for your Dr Tech Store.

Professional Email Address

With Dr Tech, you can create professionals email adresses like [email protected]. Get an email that is designed to contact you, or you can even use your first name if you want to! The choice is yours.

SSL Certificate

We secure your store, your data, and the payment methods used for your store by providing you with an SSL Certificate for your domain name.

Attract Vistors to Your Online Store

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With Dr Tech, you will be able to use the best tools avaliable to rank on Google and other search engines.. With these tools, you will be able to increase the traffic you get for free when people look for a company just like yours!

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Connect your store to Facebook and add your facebook pixel, automatically synchronise your product with the Facebook Catalog, and launch effective ads. You can also add the « Store » option on your Facebook page, and add a chat box to directly link with Messenger on your Dr Tech store.


Synchronise your Dr Tech store with your Instagram account to sell your products directly on Instagram.

Google Shopping

Synchronise your store with Google to display your products directly in the Google Shopping search results.. This way, people who look for your products on Google can find you easily, and you will be able to promote your products through Google Ads.

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Add a blog to your Dr Tech store and enjoy the best features for sucessful blogging.

Pop-up and forms

Get the email addresses of your visitors with a beautifully designed subscription form and automated pop up.

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Promote your newsletter and connect your Dr Tech store to your favorite e-mail services.


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Set up discounts on your products via a promo code, dynamic pricing, or a discount period. For example, you can offer a 10% discount with the coupon DRTECH, or limit this to orders with three products or more. You can also set up discounts for specific products or for one of more product categories. Many options are avaliable.


Create a sense of urgency on your store on to get your customers to buy now! For example, you can create time limited offer and show it counting down on your website. You can also limit the quantity of products that are available.

Social Proof & Reassurance

Let your customers post a review on your products, including a picture if they want to. Or you can add reviews manually. You can also display logos for reassurance, such as secured payment, or a money-back guarantee.


A great way to get visitors to your store store to place an order is to create scarcity. For instance, you can do this by showing that your stock of a certain item is very low, and urge people to order now, before stocks run out! You can create scarcity with Dr Tech.

Free Shipping, With or Without Conditions

Offer free shipping from your store, with or without conditions. For example, you can offer free shipping for all orders, above a certain amount spent, or for a limited period of time.

BOGO: Buy One Get One

Create BOGO marketing offers for user of your store. You can offer whatever you want, for instance one or more products, and set up the conditions that you want to win the offer.

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You sell your product in several countries, and they don’t use the same currency? No worries, you can display your product and charge every customer in their local currency.

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Customized Products

With Dr Tech, you can sell customizable products very easily. No need to send your customer an email to ask what they want. With Dr Tech, you allow your customers to add text, images, or any customization they want before they order. Then, you receive the order with all the details.

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With Dr Tech pre-orders, you can sell your products before they are available to the public.

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Loyalty Program

Create a loyalty program for your store and reward your loyal customers.

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Chat box

Let your customers and the visitors to your store talk directly to you or your team via chat. You can try our chat box, which is on the bottom right of your screen. Every Dr Tech store includes exactly the same chat box. You can also add the Facebook Messenger chat box to your store site.

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Increase your sales

Recover abandoned carts

Via Klaviyo

Often, your customer will add a product to their cart, go to the checkout page, but they don’t finalize their order. Send them a friendly reminder by email and significantly increase your sales!

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SMS Marketing

Via Klaviyo

You can also send your customers an SMS reminder to finalize their orders.

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Suggest Similar or Complementary Products

Sell a t-shirt is good, but what other product goes with it? Why not suggest a hat of the same color? and ths short too ? This is much better because it can increase your sales! So, suggest similar or complementary products to your customers to easily promote your products, and increase the amount of your average orders.

One-click Upsell & Downsell

After your customers have placed an order, you can offer them a one-time offer that they can add to their order in  just one click. There’s no need for them to put their payment details in again. For example, you can offer them a longer guarantee or a special offer on one of your product. Doing so can significantly increase the amount your customers spend in your store.

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Order Bump

You can add an offer directly to your checkout page and your customers can add it to their order in one click. This is great for a unique offer, an extended guarantee, or a premium offer. You can create whatever you want!

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Set up subscriptions on your store and get automatic payment from your customer at the frequency that you want.

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Product Add ons

Set up add ons to your products, that your customers can add to their order. This is great for upgrading to a superior quality item, tissue for example, or for adding a customization option.

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Multiple Payment Options Available

You can charge your customer multiple ways, to adapt to the way they want to shop. Allow them to use credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay … you can even accept Bitcoin!

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Flexible Shipping Options

Make shopping at your store easy for your customers by setting up multiple shipping options. With Dr Tech, you have the capacity to set up any of the shipping options that you want.

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