The benefit of WordPress without the harm

Dr Tech is WordPress + WooCommerce + Divi + a bunch of premium plugins, hosted and managed for you



We handle all the hosting, updates, security, and performance of your website.


Ready to use website

Everything is already installed and set up, ready for you to get started.


Premium plugins included

The total value of all the plugins included with Dr Tech is more than $10,000 a year.

Discover the app market


Support 5 days a week

To answer your questions and help you on a daily basis.

Dr Tech gives you a WordPress website that is ready to use, and we manage it for you

We ensure that you can reap all the benefits of WordPress while you continue to focus on what really matters. You can grow your business without worrying about any unwarranted technical constraints.


Managed and ready-to-use online store with a support team ready to help you.


A solution that is more complete, includes more customizable options, and is a less expensive than Shopify or Wix.

Create your store with Divi

At Dr Tech, we include a tool in your the store that allows you to create visually attractive website pages easily and fast. What you will rely on is the Divi Visual Builder. We love it, and so will you!

Here, what you see is what you get. You will have acces to more than 250 ready-to-use templates, and you will be able to edit each template with a drag & drop editor directly onto your website. So you see in real-time what will be end result.
You can also start from scratch and create your own theme if you want to go this route.

Learn more : Create your store | Customize your store

WordPress: more than 30% of the worldwide web.

WordPress is free and open source software used for creating websites. Today, it’s the most widely used software in the world, with more than 30% of the total number of websites online built with WordPress.

Companies like Facebook (for their blog), Sony, Renault, Microsoft, TripAdvisor, or The New York Times use WordPress. Usain Bolt uses WordPress too, and so does Katy Perry.

In a nutseell, WordPress is responsible for hundreds of millions of websites around the world.

WooCommerce: E-commerce on WordPress is eight times bigger than Shopify

WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress, and it’s also a free and open source. This plugin adds the vital e-commerce functionality to WordPress. Today, WooCommerce powers more than 4,000,000 active online stores, and it has been installed more than 80,000,000 times.

To give you an idea of how big WooCommerce is, around 500,000 stores are using Shopify.

Hard to use for non-tech savy

You have to handle the tech side of your websites

Normally, when you launch a website with WordPress and Woocommerce, you need to handle the tech side of it by yourself. This will typically include set up of the websites, configuration, hosting, updates, security, performance, and coding.

Every user is responsible for his or her own websites. WordPress « only » provides the core code.

Time and skills required

As you need to handle the tech side of your website by yourself, it means you need to know how to do it. You will also need to spend the time required to do the work. And this requires a lot of knowledge, and a huge number of hours to invest throughout the lifespan of the website.

And if there is an issue, the user is responsible to handle the problem. There is no « WordPress Support » person who can help you and make sure that everything will run smoothly.

A perfect solution for developers

WordPress is very popular with developers and tech-savvy individuals. Even though the basic struture of websites is provided, it’s hard to do something great. But when we know what we are doing, WordPress offers endless possibilities. We take WordPress potential a big step forward.

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