The 42 must have marketing optimizations for eCommerce

  • The strategies used by the world’s top 50 online stores, and how to apply them
  • What online shoppers are looking for: surveys of 100,000+ individuals.

Includes photos, examples, and installation guide. Version 2023.

Find out how to imitate them.

We made this guide by interviewing over 100,000 online shoppers and analyzing the top 50 e-commerce sites in the world.

What’s in this guide

Part 1 :

Increase the number of visitors who become customers


The 10 most important buying triggers, by age group


How to convert your visitors into customers


How to reduce your abandoned carts


Optimization and marketing offers

Part 2 :

Increase the average cart per order


Statistics to know


Increase the quantity of items per order


Create premium offers

Part 3:

Increase the number of orders per customer


The reasons that lead a customer to recommend an e-commerce company


What customers expect from a brand


"On Site" optimizations (on your store) to increase repeated purchases.


Strategy and optimizations

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