Delivering to your customer will be easy

No matter where or how

Set up your delivery zone

If you don’t sell worldwide, with Dr Tech you can set up international zones where you can accept orders. But, it will be impossible to order outside these zones. Still, this way, you can be sure that you will be able to deliver to all your customers.

Set up a price for each shipping zone

You can set up different prices for each shipping zone.

Set up multiple shipping options, each with their own fee

With Dr Tech, you can set up as many shipping options as you want, and put a different price for each of the options. These can include express delivery, standard delivery, pick up, and more.

Share the tracking number of your customer easily

You can choose to dispay the tracking number of each orders that you shipped directly in your customer account, in just a few clicks.

Dynamic shipping fee

You can set up parameters including weight, number of articles, location, or even the total order amount, and your store will automatically calculate the total shipping cost and charge your customer accordingly. Genius!

Free delivery

You can offer free delivery to your customers, with or without conditions. For example, you can offer free delivery only for all orders above $20.

Sendcloud Integration

With Sendcloud you can connect your store with more than 30 carriers.

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Delivery at home, at the workplace, or at any relay point

Offer your customers different delivery options.

Start Now With Dr Tech

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