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Dr Tech News:

Growth, end of introductory prices, new packages and major projects

[June 1, 2022]

Dr. Tech is growing!

We have implemented a lot of things since our launch a year and a half ago, well disrupted the established order and we are proud to have become a credible player in the market. Today, the time has come to go to the 2nd round in our development 🚀

Find out what this means for you and you will soon see what is new to Dr Tech.

Major news: Starter and Unlimited plans end on 06/01/2022 for new customers, and on 07/01/2022 for current users.


  • If you become a Dr Tech customer from June 1st, welcome! You will have access to our new packages.
  • If you are already on the Unlimited plan, you do not have to do anything. Nothing changes for you.


  • If you are currently on the Starter plan, you will need to upgrade your subscription to one of the plans before July 1st (if you have not reached $500 in sales by then):

You can upgrade to the new plan, or the Unlimited package to enjoy unlimited sales for 49€/month, regardless of your turnover. You can subscribe to the Unlimited package at this rate until June 30, then only the new plan will be available. Go to your Dr Tech account to upgrade your account.

Also, we will no longer include a domain name in our plans for new customers from June 1st. It was a good idea, but unfortunately, we had too many problems with this. Instead, we will direct you to the best offers to buy your domain name. Professional email addresses are always included.

If you registered before May 31 and have not yet taken advantage of your free domain name, you are still entitled to it and you have until June 30 to request it 🙂

New Dr Tech package: introduction of a standard package at 29€/month!

The new package will depend exclusively on the monthly turnover of the store.

Apart from the price, there is no other difference between the offers.


From 0 to 3,000€ of monthly sales



From €3,000 to €20,000 of monthly sales





Until June 30, 2022, the Unlimited Package is €49/month.

This offer is only for Dr Tech customers registered before May 31, 2022.

Nothing else changes! So all packages benefit from:

      • All applications and themes are always free (i.e. a value greater than 10,000€/year)
      • 0%  commission on your sales.
      • 5 professional email addresses included
      • Unlimited products, pages, and blog posts
      • Unlimited employee accounts

In short :

If you are already on unlimited, nothing changes for you.

 If you are on the starter package, you must choose a package before June 30th.

      • Or the Unlimited offer at €49/month. The price will never change.
      • Or the Standard at €29/month. The price will then evolve according to the monthly revenue of your store.

Why change the prices

From the start, Dr Tech’s idea has been to provide a credible alternative to Shopify. Shopify is far too alone, no one has created a number 2 that can truly compete. That’s Dr Tech’s goal, building on a few of Shopify’s weaknesses that we’re improving!

In 1 year and a half, we now have more than 1500 shops on Dr Tech. A large number from Shopify, including all of the largest Dr Tech stores, have left Shopify to come to Dr Tech.


Thanks to your feedback and the many discussions I was able to have with you, you confirmed that Dr Tech improves some weaknesses of Shopify 💪

Our development was very fast, we were able to count on a few key partners who put us forward very early on, and again a big thank you to them, but apart from that, we did not do any marketing actions. No advertising, no SEO positioning, no social network..

Our growth comes first and foremost from your use of Dr Tech, your trust in us, your suggestions that – I hope – we were able to satisfy, and above all, your recommendations.

So a big thank you to you for using Dr Tech on a daily basis. You are the best ❤️

Introductory prices got us started, providing an important differentiating factor. Today we come to a pivotal moment: either we stay like this, or we boost our growth. I think the best thing to do for the eCommerce ecosystem is to boost our growth and the development of Dr Tech!

What to expect soon?

Thanks to this price change, we will be able to increase our income and thus invest in our development and expand our team.

Here are the 3 major new features planned for the immediate future:

1. Hire one more developer
The goal is to have one more person dedicated to the development and integration of new features. This way, we can release new products and respond to your requests more quickly.

3. Hire a “head of content”

You have surely seen it, we are creating more and more content (totally free!) in our documentation and our youtube channel in order to provide you with the best information for your eCommerce activity. Our goal is to become the best source of information on eCommerce. For this, we will hire someone who will be in charge of Youtube videos, tutorials, case studies.. and any content created by Dr Tech. This will allow us to create more quality content.

Since the launch, we have always been very close to you in order to set up what you need. And I am convinced that this is the best strategy! 

So, in a few days, you will receive a form to tell us about the new features and improvements you want to see on Dr Tech quickly.

Dr Tech’s place in the ecosystem: THE solution for  personalization and marketing optimization

Since the beginning, Dr Tech’s idea has been to allow all e-merchants to have the tools to optimize their e-commerce store and compete with the biggest. Because an optimized store is a store that sells more, has the best chance of succeeding, and earns more money.

With the explosion of competition and the growing difficulties of advertising platforms, today, it is essential to work on your branding, your conversion rate, your average basket, and the lifetime value of your customers. And for that, you will need the right tools.

The only 2 platforms that allow real advanced optimization were WordPress and Shopify. Both have a catalog of features that no one can match, strengths and weaknesses:


  • WordPress: 

Has the advantage of allowing full customization, but requires a lot of technical knowledge, in development but also in security, performance, and updates .. You have to do everything yourself, which becomes very complicated once the store has lots of traffic. And there is no customer support.

  • Shopify

Does not require any technical knowledge at first, allows you to have something standard quickly, and takes care of all the technical management (performance, security ..) for you. But the possibilities for differentiation and optimization are almost non-existent. Any optimization will also require its share of technical knowledge, less easy, and more expensive than WordPress. And customer support is very basic, with responses within days.

And for the 2 platforms, the basic stores are very poor in functionality, then each additional functionality has to be paid for.


Dr Tech brings together lthe best of bothremoving the hassle

  • Customer support via live chat, in French 

With a response within a maximum of 3-4 hours, less than an hour in the majority of the cases. We are working to improve this, as it is very important for us to support you throughout your activity.

  • All applications and optimizations are free (+10,000€/year!)

Based on WordPress, we benefit from the WordPress application catalog, the largest in the world (50,000+ on WordPress against 5000 for Shopify). In addition, we add our own features, such as our dashboard for example. Thanks to the open-source structure of WordPress, we can pay for the applications and then make them available to you for free. Thus, today, you can take advantage of more than €10,000/year of normally paid applications on Dr Tech.

  • More than 200 themes, fully customizable without code: totally free

Thanks to our visual builder, you can create a 100% personalized store, with no coding required at all. You can build a store that is unlike anyone else and reinforces your brand. We have over 200 themes included for free today!

  • Constant technical management: update, security, performance, etc.

Similar to Shopify, Dr Tech manages all the technical parts for you: you do not need to worry about performance, security, updates… We manage everything for you.

In short, we bring the ease of use of Shopify, the technical management of Shopify, and the customization of WordPress. Additionally, our own features and customer service are easily accessible. 

Plus précisément, Dr Tech VS Shopify :

Dr Tech VS WordPress (WooCommerce) : 

And then, what future for Dr Tech?

Today we have reached a stage where we exist in the market. Which was no small feat!

With more than 1500 shops on our platform, we can confirm one thing: we were right about our assumptions, Dr Tech brings real added value, with real advantages.

I believe we have the potential to provide an alternative to Shopify and position ourselves as number 2 – let’s not get too greedy just yet.

Finally, let’s be it a little bit, number 1 in France!

We are a French start-up 🇫🇷 So we have to win our national market! Before showing the world that made in France is the best 😎

For that, we will have to continue to develop our software, continue to add new functionalities and meet your needs and accelerate our growth. Let’s say that the implementation phase is over, now it’s time for the development phase!

What if you want to help us even more?

The next few months are going to be exciting for Dr Tech, so if you’d like to help us grow – you’re welcome!

Do not hesitate to write to us, on the support or at [email protected], to tell us what you have in mind. We are open to any suggestions!


I understand that this price change is not ideal for you. If you have any questions, or if you are unsure and something is not clear, come and write to us on support or on [email protected], we will be here to answer your queries.

It is the best way to accelerate our growth, and therefore to develop and improve Dr Tech.

So I hope that you will join us on this adventure and that Dr Tech will continue to support ambitious and talented entrepreneurs like you for many years to come!

Thank you for taking the time to read this important news,

at your disposal,


Founder of Dr Tech.

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